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Hey Joe’s Top 5 Love Songs (All Genres)

I read somewhere that people like lists, and the top (whatever number) lists especially. That being the case, I thought I would take my top 5 lists, and take the number 1’s and make them a list of the top 5. Confused yet? No? Good! Let’s do this!

5. Norah Jones – Turn Me On (Adult Contemporary)

This made number one on my list of sexy songs. I think it goes without saying why..

4. Survivor – Can’t Hold Back (80’s Rock)

I love how well written this song is, and it’s pretty upbeat to be a love song.

3. Kiss – Forever (Rock)

I liked this song the first time I heard it. I’m sure I’m going to catch some shit from Tom Nardone for putting this at only number 3!

2. Travis Tritt – Drift off to Dream (Country)

I’m not much for country music, but this song is incredibly well written, and very well performed. The lyrical imagery is impossible to top.

1. The Five Satins – In The Still Of the Night (Oldies)

Probably my favorite song of the era.

Top 5’s are hard for me. There are so many incredible songs available to choose from. These are the best in their category in my opinion. If you disagree, leave me your top 5 list in the comments and we’ll discuss! Tomorrow night, Top 5 songs that make me feel like taking over the world! Tom Nardone, I’m sorry!



  1. Well, Okay.
    I had an ass chewing reply ready to go the moment I saw the title. I then said well if he includes “still loving you” by the Scorpions then I will give him a pass. But you know what? I scrolled down and no Scorpions. You were at least kind enough to mention my name and apologize so I will say again Okay. Joe you are my friend. I really do love you, and I could have never made this post myself. Testicles are a huge burden.haha(just kidding)

    • Joe Smith says:

      If we were any more alike, we’d be clones. That one is actually on my top 5 kick ass break up songs…with G-N-R: Don’t Cry (either version), Def Leppard: Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? (I know, you think Love Bites is better), Warrant: I saw Red, and Skid Row: I Remember You. Let’s hear what you’ve got for both categories.

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