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Sometimes I’m all serious and junk

We drift ever closer to the dormitory factories of china where you work harder for less and are expected to feel blessed and even honored for having just enough to survive or deal without integral services such as health insurance; where one sickness can ruin a family and people ‘hope’ they don’t get sick and that they’ll be healthy enough in their golden years to keep working so they don’t get left in the street. Where does corporate greed end? Why is it okay for our government to stay in bed with large corporations, further condoning this behavior? Do you know that middle class wages haven’t risen since 1992? If they had, the average household income would be closer to 92k than what it sits at now; 50k.

The real value of minimum wage has risen 21% since 1990 and the cost of living has gone up 67%. We are one of the very few countries that does not mandate any time off for our workers – there are no laws that state that a company may not work someone 7 days a week; we are one of the only countries that does not have ANY paid maternity leave or require annual time off. If it’s being explained to me correctly; I don’t work hard enough, or I’d be doing better. I worked 2 jobs through my pregnancy AND attended college to receive my SECOND degree while my husband also worked full time so that we can secure stability for our family.

Whereas we’re stable now and we have luxuries like cable and internet; I’d never feel confident about retiring if things continue at this pace. It’s going to be a very odd scene when I get old; when there’s a bunch of silver haired people wandering the streets trying to keep warm when the social security is all gone because the government ‘borrowed’ from it and they never made enough to save anything. I guess I’m not working hard enough. I guess I’ll never be as elite as those that look down their nose at me. Gosh.. I’m heartbroken not to be in that club. Frowny face.

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