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Things I think I know, I know…

How I see things, you get that shot of daylight… That non-blind eye that reassures you; it let’s you feel comfortable discussing what should be absurd. You’re hit with it in stride and you understand:


I know that when I’m talking to a woman about my “love life” she’s either my 3rd ex-twice-removed or my soon-to-be-ex. – KGC

“People who talk in metaphors should shampoo my crotch.” – Jack

If you’re in a situation where love and money are involved, take the money. It’s less messy and it stacks. – KGC

A toast: “To the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us…” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I know about people. I know that people are common and infinite and boring and brazen. People have the capacity for Nobel Prizes, and have the ability to go through life illiterate. – KGC

I know the first three Black Sabbath Albums by heart; and Black Flag and Danzig ran through my head as a teen, but none of their music ever made me want to reduce their fanbase – KGC

I know, I know…

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  1. All very good things to know.

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