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I Am Perfectly Comfortable Driving a Dumpster.

Picture1I don’t ever want to drive anything, but a piece of shit!

Hello everyone. My name is Tom Nardone from I Am Tom Nardone. I have become good friends with Hey Joe Online, and Joe has invited  me to write an article for his website. I write only about things that I can find humor in. I have a uniquely skewed view of the world in which we live. I Thank you Joe Smith for the opportunity and I hope you all enjoy the show.


00aaThere is something about old beaten up cars that I find beautiful. It is like being on the road with a seasoned veteran as opposed to some newb vehicle. While it is maybe not as smooth or comfortable, I do get some piece of mind from the experience this car has over most of the other cars on the road. We just drive down the highway laughing at all the other younger cars, still with there innocence, as they are being driven assholes who cant drive them. (more…)

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