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Swearing is Caring, and I Care a Shitload

Picture1A few weeks ago, I had a friend of mine came up to me and said that one of my articles was very offensive to him. Normally I would not give a shit if I offended someone, but this is a long time dear friend. I think very highly of this person, and I have never worked with a person equal to his character.  He explained that the language in it was a little more than usual, and to be fair; I did go a little bit farther than I normally do.

I told him I was sorry about that, and that I would try to come up with an alternative page where there would be no bad language. The next day I thought about it some more and decided to review the article. When I saw the photo I picked for a featured image, I completely decided that I would not do an alternative site. The article was titled “Don’t Be Silly, Nobody is raping mother earth.” This was the featured image


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