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3715 – Revisited

Burning through the breaking dawn

And steel-strewn fields of clover

His plane has crashed, his hopes are gone

The fairytale is over

The hands of fate that once took part

No longer agents of chance

End the lives before they start

To find their new romance

The stranger in the old land

Lets go this dream of his

Never having kissed her hand

Such tragedy¬† is this…

3715 – a poem

Cast off the trappings of here

Leave behind that which you’ve known

Let go of all that is near

Take the first plane, and go home.

A stranger in the old land

knowing that here’s where it starts

Feeling fingers of fates hand

Push together two lost hearts

Watching life beginning anew

for the first time feeling alive

together till their lives are through

letting go, and letting love drive

Together two hearts are one

after all the time that’s past

loving, laughter and fun

in a love that’s meant to last

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