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The Importance of Mother’s Day to Superheroes

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Yes. This Sunday, like tomorrow…Go buy a card. Hurry Up! You can finish reading this when you get back!

For those of you still with me, I thought since everyone else is going to blog about Mother’s Day, I’d remind everyone that Mother’s Day means something a little different to each person. Mother’s Day to my mom, for example gives her a chance to regret not using birth control on the FIVE kids before me. Honestly, it took her five times to get it right. Hey, at least she got it though, right! Thanks Mom, for not giving up!

Have you ever thought about Mother’s Day from the point of view of a superhero? No? I guess it must be something only us superheroes do. Anyway, Mother’s Day (although awesome for me) isn’t so great for the other “super”heroes. Allow me to illustrate.


The Batman movies were pretty cool. I loved that they showed so much behind-the-scenes stuff like how the Batsuit was made, and how Batman learned to fight…unfortunately, they left out the parts where Albert tries to launder the Batsuit.


Sadly, it’s still causing a bit of a rift between Bruce and Albert.


Iron Man

Without his mother teaching Tony Stark the importance of being physically fit, and eating right, things were pretty bad initially:


Luckily, he joined Weight-Watchers and got that shit back under control.

Okay, you’ve got me…without my own mom I wouldn’t have ever been able to go from this:


to what I am now:


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. There should really be a supersuit for every single one of you. And to my own mom, Thanks for being the wrapper around 6 pounds and 7 ounces of awesome!



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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on casting frontier number.

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