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Hey Joe! I’m kind of surprised more people haven’t written to your advice column! So far I think what advice you have given has been right on the money. I was kind of hesitant myself to write in, because of how close to me this issue is. Please don’t publish my name or e-mail. If you want, you can call me “Unfaithful”.

Here’s what happened. Before my husband was deployed, we had been trying hard to get pregnant. Each month as his deployment was getting closer, the pressure got worse. When we had just about given up hope, I finally got pregnant. It was wonderful! Shortly after he left, I began bleeding, and eventually lost the baby. I didn’t want to tell him, because this was his first deployment, and he was stressed enough as it was. I was devastated for about a month. With my husband being gone, I had kept a lot of the anguish to myself. Fortunately, I’ve always been good friends with his older brother. His brother and I were commiserating when something unexpected happened. We had sex. It doesn’t stop there though. We continued our little fling for a couple of weeks. Then I missed my period. Oh shit. Each time I talk to my husband, he asks about the baby. I tell him about the one I’m currently carrying, so he doesn’t know any different. The thing is, I feel horrible about this, or as the case may be whorable. I can’t tell him the truth now, because I’m not sure when he’ll be home. Do you think I should keep it to myself? I haven’t even told his brother anything yet. What should I do?




  1. Joe Smith says:

    Hi. Unfaithful, you are about 30 pounds of fucked up in a 10 pound bag. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? First off, I don’t know how long you’ve been married but my guess is that it has been pretty rocky if you’re willing to start screwing around on him right after he leaves for his first deployment. Who’s idea was it to have the baby? If it was his, he may have sensed that something was amiss between the two of you. Also, you have to be pretty cold-hearted to screw his brother of all people. My advice, find out if you’re even pregnant at all. You didn’t mention taking a test in your e-mail. If you’re not pregnant, stop fucking people that aren’t your husband. I’m sure at the very least he’ll appreciate that. If you are pregnant, you have to tell the brother. You have made this bed, now you must sleep in in – comfortable or not. I’d come clean to your husband about losing the baby, and would probably hold off on telling him that you’ve been screwing up his family until he gets home. Also, the shithead brother needs to come clean about his role in this. You may have had a weak moment emotionally with all that was going on with the loss of the baby, but he’s just a fucking loser. A waste of skin.
    Any brother that would nail his own brother’s wife is a loser. The fact that he did it while his brother is away serving our country makes it that much worse. My advice: both of you come clean, and consider divorce from your husband. He doesn’t deserve this bullshit. If you and Loser Number 1 want to have a relationship after that, feel free. Don’t have any kids together though. The world is a shitty enough place without you and Joe Rockhead bringing any more little idiots into it.

    I hope that answers your question. 🙂 If I can do anything else to help, just let me know!

  2. You were correct to say whorable. It actually does not sound like you are very remorseful. I am sorry that you are a whore. But I agree with everything Joe said, but I would like to ad something to what Joe said on the world being a fucked up place.

    If you do have the child, then God Bless it, It is a shame they will have to grow up with whore for a mother. But if you miscarry again then you and that piece of shit should do whatever you need to do to exit this life. Both of you should not be together because the world does not need you fouling it with an offspring that is undoubtedly going to prison before there 18th birthday.

    I cant even believe you would drag this shit across Joe’s Web site. I feel like a need to go and boil myself after having read your the words that came from the filthy sewer that is your math.

  3. tinkadele says:

    What a mess of a situation. I think that’s one of the worst things that comes out from the writing, like Nardone (surname terms?) said, you don’t appear to be remorseful. You’re too focused on yourself and not considering anyone else. You can’t go on living a lie, it’s not fair to your husband, it’s not fair on the baby and it’s not even fair on the future father. Everyone needs to be put straight and know their place now, how it’s handled from there is up to the individuals involved. If you couldn’t face the consequences of your actions then you should never have done it.

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