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My Thoughts on “Nice Guys Finish Last”

If you are friends with a guy that has used that line, I’ll bet we both know something about your friend: he’s a nice guy, but he’s a fucking crybaby. The problem with these “nice guys” is that they are fucking spineless. There is a difference between being a nice guy, and letting the world wipe their feet on you. I’m a guy, so I can’t speak for the women here, but I can’t imagine that there’s very much appeal to a guy that doesn’t have enough man to him to stand up for anything. Would you want to be with a girl that didn’t seem to have any convictions about anything at all? Well, you might, if you’re a nice guy, but I sure as hell wouldn’t. I want to be with someone that knows what she wants, and will get it even if she has to destroy the earth to pull it off. Think about this: You are out on a date, say for example – celebrating your anniversary.  An aggressive guy starts making comments of a suggestive nature to your girl that are making her uncomfortable.  Are you the kind of guy that chooses this exact moment to want world peace, or do you help this fucker get in touch with his inner self – from the outside? Do what you want, nice guy. I’m going to show her that if she’s ever uncomfortable in a situation, that I’ll take care of it. Here’s something to discuss at your next Crybabies Anonymous Niceguys Meeting: How to Man Up, or How Being a Pussy Can Prevent Getting Any. That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?



  1. Joe, I would not let some one speak to my wife that way, but unless they are acting in a threatening manner i see no need to get violent. The question you have to ask yourself is; Is this worth going to jail for if it is, Then it is time to grind ass.

    This is another reason I don’t like to ever leave the house. People are shit

  2. bossymoksie says:

    (I obviously agree.)

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