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America (The way I see it…)

Man, It seems like it’s been forever since I actually had something to say worth posting. It feels good to be back to writing again. Unless you haven’t been watching the news, I’m sure by now most of you know about what happened in Boston. I can’t even say how horrible I feel for those families that have been left devastated by this. It’s just awful.

Anyway, the events that took place really got me thinking about the place many of us call home. The U.S. has been, since nearly the beginning (after of course, we murdered and destroyed the lives of the natives that lived here forever before us) a place that has welcomed any that would come here to build a better life for themselves. My own family came over in 1556, when Peter Smith, a boat-wright left Kent, England and came here to give the Smith family a chance at becoming very wealthy. Obviously, that was a miserable failure, but at least he tried. Unfortunately, that willingness to take in any that would come has began to take  its toll on us. Over the years, many other countries have wanted to do us harm. We fought our motherland for our independence, we fought the French, we fought the Germans, we even killed ourselves in a civil war at one point, trying to make the US the greatest country on earth. For a while, we succeeded. Somewhere though, I feel like America somehow shifted it’s values. We traded the durability of “Made in USA” for the affordability of “Made in China”. We’ve let our core values slip. What used to be the norm in America – families that stayed together through anything, is now almost entirely obsolete. We went from being the new kid on the block, to being a super power and super ally, to super bully. We are now the world police. Somehow, we’ve let what matters most (the stuff here at home), be neglected for things that happen abroad. As many of you know, I generally like to state my case in an expletive-laden fashion, but tonight I won’t. Tonight I’m hoping that everyone that reads this, will share it with someone from the younger generation. We have to get back to where we were, if we are to have any chance of a future at all. We used to lead the world in many categories that matter most. According to a video that I saw recently, we’re almost completely out of the first-place spots all-together. A show on cable television called “The Newsroom” basically paraphrased the video I saw and it stated that the only categories that we come in first in now, are the number of incarcerated adults per capita, the number of people that believe in angels, and defense spending. Here is a link, but I warn you, it has some strong language:

Again, it’s unfortunate that these statistics are all true. If we are ever to be the greatest at anything, besides fighting in wars that are or are not our own, the younger generation is going to have to step up. I don’t put a lot of faith in that happening, because they would rather play video games made in Japan, or screw around on the internet on a PC made almost entirely of components made in China, Taiwan, and India. Years ago, we had the strongest minds available working their hardest to make and keep America on top. What are we going to do now without the Thomas Edisons, Marion Donovans, Ben Franklins, Sarah Goodes, and Dale Carnegies? Those names represent some of the finest men and women America has seen. Each of them brilliant, and paved the way for a greater America. Sadly, I think I know the answer.



  1. Hey awesome joe i liked that. I will say that one place america leads the way. It is an area that we have lead for 100 years and we still lead. The truth is that none of those tv’s Blu rays or stereos would be worth a shit if there werent awesome stuff to watch or listen too. and that is where we lead.

    America entertains the whole damn world. What is your favorite chinese band or your favorite chinese movie. Thats right! that is the same answer i had.

    Without America, Earth is no fun at all

  2. tinkadele says:

    This was a good post, a lot of truth spoken with strength. It is a shame to see a country losing it’s identity with merging of different cultures, the people who are located there are likely diasporic communities that keep in contact with their heritage but what about America? Are they just giving up on a cultural identity?
    PS. Yay for Peter Smith from England! 😛

  3. We have been out of first place in all that really matters for decades now, we are slipping further and further down. Shameful really.

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