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Ever Heard of Snopes?

I was on my Facebook page today, and realized that people are still posting shit from like 3 years ago that I’ve already posted the link to Snopes for. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Do you think I do this shit out of the kindness of my heart? No. The answer to that question is a definitive fucking no. I generally don’t do shit out of the kindness of my heart. In fact, all the have to do is check my wall, and they will see that once a month I have a Facebook friends list lottery. Not that kind of lottery, the kind where I go:”Have we had any contact this month? No? What a shame.” Then I remove them. It’s that simple, if we don’t talk at least once in an entire month, we’re probably not really “friends” and I don’t need you trolling around my Facebook page, checking out the pictures of my hot ass female friends. Where was I? Oh yeah…Anyway, I don’t do shit out of the kindness of my heart. I tell them the things that I tell them, because if they are on my “friends” list, they are a reflection on me. Therefore, I don’t want people to see stupid shit like: “This kid’s ass fell off. Facebook has agreed to pay 8 cents per share to get this kid a new ass. If you don’t share, you hate God, and like to put defenseless kittens into blenders.” on my friends walls. Or the one about the girl…Image

This shit has been going around for years. I’m sick of it. I think in order to help alleviate some of my frustrations, and to stop my “friends” from looking like total idiots, I will begin maintaining a wall of shame on my Facebook page that will name the idiot that didn’t do their research before posting that bullshit, along with their crime. Shaming your friends for making themselves (and you) look like idiots may be the key to stopping this horse shit from continuing to spread on the worlds largest waste of time, and social network, Facebook.




  1. deborahtd says:

    You know Joe, I know who my real friends are. If you really liked me you’d post this on your wall for one hour. Bill Gates won’t give 99% of my friends their $5,000 unless you show you care. I only need 3860 more likes. I am sure if I show you this picture of a hot girl in a bikini holding a kitten you’ll be in the 1% who have the guts to repost. Don’t let me down, man.

  2. tinkadele says:

    Haha! I have never had Facebook and it’s likely to stay that way… There’s just so much that would irritate me, like the chain-comments and the lurkers that you mentioned, just feeding their idle gossip! That’s only touching the surface though! It’s good to know that you’re out there trying to make a change 😉

  3. It is so good to know there are others, like me who tell their FB ‘friends’ they are idiots by posting the link to Snopes just prior to unfriending them.

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