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Steubenville Rape Case

Soooo unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about this thing. I heard about it a while back when Anonymous started putting the info and stuff out there. This whole thing pisses me the fuck off. The girl in this case was given a date rape drug, then repeatedly raped by who knows how many of the little fuckers, and the whole time it was either being recorded on cell phones, or tweeted about. At one point, this little piece…fuck it. Watch the video.

Ok. That little asshole and all of his friends need to be sent to serious “Pound-Me-In-The-Ass prison”, or handed over to a guy like me. I know it’s hard to conceive, based on all of the other posts here, but I am a fucking nuclear power plant of bad ideas.  I would do some shit to those little thugs that would give Stephen King bad dreams. There are P.O.W.s from Nam that had it easier than those guys would if they would just hand them over to me. You would be amazed at just how much pain you can cause with just a box of 3″ wood screws, a drill,  and a ball-peen hammer.

That girl had no chance whatsoever to defend herself.  Now that the case has wrapped, the media is being super sympathetic to those little pieces of garbage. In fact, based on CNN’s sympathy for those “poor boys that had their futures destroyed” I would like for anyone that reads this to join me in sending the powers that be at CNN the message that the RAPE VICTIM here is the one that was victimized, not those poor boys.



  1. As a nation we fail. That is all there is.

  2. Chris Bailey says:

    I can’t believe they actually didn’t get a stiffer sentence, but we wouldn’t want to destroy the future of the NFL huh. Sometimes I feel our legal system is a real joke.

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