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What ever became of “Boris and Natasha”?

Do you ever stop to think about the plight of cartoon characters that you never see anymore? I’m not talking about those old lame ass characters like “Bosco” or one-time use characters like a bad guy in an old school Mickey Mouse cartoon, but the cool ones that just went away. I feel like a lot of those characters really left a lot on the table as far as what they had to offer. Let me show you what I mean.

First, the legal stuff. I don’t own or claim to represent the owners of the images and characters I’ll be showing you, and telling you about. The opinions are mine, and probably badly formed. The pictures posted below are the exclusive copyright of their respective owners. Now that we have that out of the way, we’re back on track. I’ll do it in reverse order just because I can.

#5.Boris and Natasha Boris and Natasha

We only saw that these two had very limited success against Agents Moose and Squirrel. What we never heard about was what happened after they left the KGB. Boris started a Soviet spy training academy. Although limited in his own success, a few of his students went on to eventually capture and eliminate Agents Moose and Squirrel in what turned out to be one hell of a bloodbath. It is rumored that the two agents were then taken to a taxidermy, and now find themselves displayed in the Boris Academy. Natasha began writing about her experiences as an agent, and the books were a HUGE success. She used some of the proceeds to start a line of shirts originally only meant to be worn by her. You may have seen them, the front of the shirt clearly states “I’m with Stupid”.

#4. Heckle and JeckleHeckle and Jeckle

Remember these two wise guys? They were best known for pranking their adversaries on their show. Off stage things were far less comedic. Jeckle, a magpie whose real name was Jonathon Fletcher was battling his depression, and his addiction to prescription painkillers. After several attempts to get back into the spotlight, Fletcher hit rock bottom. It is reported that his drinking was out of control, and several sources close to Fletcher state that he was seen in St. Louis performing covers of White Lion songs. Heckle, a.k.a David Griggs continues to act. He was most famous for his title role in the hit movie “The Crow” with star Brandon Lee. Griggs’ next feature film is “The Lone Ranger” where he will be sharing screen time with fellow thespian Johnny Depp.

#3.dangermouse Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse was on the top of his game back in the day. Villains like Baron Silas Greenback, and Count Duckula had no chance to prevail over our eye-patch wearing avenger! Once the show was done, Danger Mouse became a security analyst for the U.S. Government. He started a group that called themselves the “Danger Room” which is still in operation today. Danger Mouse left Danger Room after only three years to begin new ventures in the private sector. One such venture “Danger Inc.” was alleged to have been responsible for providing security for the artist known as Tupac Shakur. We attempted to contact Danger, Inc. for a statement,  but our calls were not returned.


#2. Top Cat

Top Cat (as the name suggests) was the head of an organized crime syndicate. Okay, maybe not, but a pack of alley cats is nothing to screw around with. In the mid nineties, citing creative differences with group member Lenny “Brain” Staley, Top Cat left the group. After a nine-month crime spree with fellow feline bandit Tom (Espozito) of Tom and Jerry fame, Top Cat had a heart attack. It is reported that during his stay at Baptist Hospital, in Yonkers, NY, fellow ex-alley members Benny the Ball, And Choo-Choo visited. The visit was an eye opener for Top Cat. Once released, he gave up his life of crime for a position as a humor columnist for the Yonkers Times. In a private interview, retired NYPD officer Charlie Dibble gave us the following statement: “Top Cat? I haven’t heard that name in a while. I hear he’s turned things around for himself that’s good. I hope all of this will help him and (Lenny) Brain put the past behind him. TC was always a jerk toward the other guys during the show, but when they had their falling out, he was a total dick to everybody around him”. Speaking of Dicks….


#1. Dick Dastardly

Richard “Dick” Milhous Dastardly was a role model for aspiring bad guys everywhere. He knew every rotten trick in the book, and employed nearly every single one during his six year career as a stunt car racer on the show Wacky Races. Growing tired of the spotlight, Dastardly set out to begin work as an oil rig operator. By the end of the decade, he’d began his own company “Dastardly Drilling”. The company quickly became one of the largest oil drilling companies in Texas, Arizona, and Alaska.  After a nineteen year hiatus from television, Dastardly changed his name to Russell Hantz, and re-emerged as a contestant on the hit reality show Survivor.


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