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Single Moms (Repost)

I need to get this off my chest…

As I’m sure most of you know by now, I’m pretty opinionated about things. A couple days ago, a girl at work was talking about how hard it is to be a single mother, and how she didn’t think her boy was going to have much of a chance at life when she thought about how much better off his friends with two parents were.  I explained to her that how a kid turns out depends more on what parents instill in their kids than economic situations. She disagreed. She told me to name one time when the kid turned out better with just a mom instead of a mom and dad. I told her I could name a ton, but I chose two.

My favorite is about this kid Temujin. Long story short, he lived in the 1100’s. His dad was poisened when Temujin was only nine, leaving only his mother to care for him and his brothers in sisters. In Mongolia, in the 1100’s, is not the time and place to be when you’re a single mom. She had no way to feed herself, or her kids with the hunter of the family dead. She asked her own family for help, and not only did they refuse, they left her and her kids to starve to death on the plains of Mongolia. She didn’t give up. She struggled every day to feed her kids, a couple of the youngest died anyway. She was at her wits end. Seeing his mom trying so hard hurt Temujin. He did all that he could to help take care of the family. At 9 years of age, there wasn’t a lot he could do to protect her if men tried to hurt her, but he promised her he’d try. He learned to fight from nomads moving through the region, often trading hard labor for lessons. His mother always told him to never give up, even when everything in him told him it was hopeless. The family didn’t starve. They kept living. Temujin kept training. He was going to show his mothers family it was a mistake to abandon her.by the time he was an adult, he had developed so much as a fighter that the village elders renamed him Genghis Khan. He went on to conquer more of the planet than any other human in the history of mankind. He sired so many kids that if you’re reading this blog right now, I’ve heard there is a .05% chance you have his DNA. His mother told him to never quit. He listened.

David Spansky was a low life criminal. He had an alcohol addiction, and a tendency to be abusive. One day David decided to change his name as a way to get out of some trouble he’d gotten himself into. He married a woman named Nellie Pillsbury. They had a couple of sons; “Little David”, and Stevie, who had a way of staying sick all the time. He was the youngest of the two. He missed a lot of school because of chronic ear infections. One day David told Nellie he had to run an errand. He left her and the kids, and never came back. The youngest son, Stevie failed second grade because of his chronic ear infections, and Nellie struggled to keep food on the table. To pass the time, Stevie copied storylines from comic books, and changed the names so it would be his story. His mom told him to make up his own story, and she’d buy it from him for a quarter. I’m sure you see where this is headed…
These days, Stevie goes by Stephen King. He donated millions of dollars every year to charities that support single moms.

My point is this: if there was ever an unstoppable force in the world, it’s the love of a mom for her kids. Even if your not a single mom, make sure that you put the right stuff into your kids. When she told him to never give up, Genghis Khan’s mom lit a fire in his heart that burned like a sun. Ignite your own kids hearts. Push them to be their best, the world may thank you for it.


What's your take on it?

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