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Bad Parenting (Repost)

Today after the boys were finished with swimming class, we were discussing where we were going to go eat. After a little bit of back and forth on the issue, we settled on the mall in Pittsburgh. The boys both needed to buy presents for a gift exchange at the preschool, and we also needed to find them both a nice outfit for their Christmas Program. After we finished lunch, we walked around in the mall, buying the boys’ gifts and striking out on the outfits. They were bored and asked if they could go play for a while in the play area. They’d been very well behaved for a 3 and 5 year old that had to endure boring adult stuff like standing still, and being quiet in stores, so we agreed to let them.

While watching my boys run and play in the area with the other kids, I watched a little boy around the same age grab a kid by the shirt and start shaking him. His mom yelled at him, and the boy quit until he got out of sight, and then did it again! When he saw me looking at him, he said something to the other kid, and they both ran off. A few minutes later, I watched the same kid pull a kids feet out from under him on the sliding board. The mom may have yelled at the kid again, had she seen what he had done, but she was a little preoccupied with the guy she was kissing. Since she didn’t yell at him, the mom of the kid that got hurt came to check on her son, and told the boy that it wasn’t nice to do that, and that he could’ve really hurt her son. Then the bully kid’s mom decided to come over and ask what happened. The disgruntled mom told the bully’s mom (I’ll call her Snooki), what her son did. She told him if he did it again, that he was going home. No apology to the other kid, she didn’t apologize for her kids behavior or anything! I wanted to wring her neck! As Snooki returned to Prince Charming, she shrugged and said “boys will be boys”. I have a feeling that the parents of bullies tend to use phrases like this to excuse their kids behavior, or use it as a way to not have to address the fact that their kid is a jerk.

I’m not saying she should’ve beat the kid to death on the spot, but how about an apology? How about one from her? If it’s this clear that your kid is abusive to other kids, now is the time to lower the boom on them. Straighten that little thug out before he gets to school and something bad happens to somebody else’s kid because your little punk has never had any disicpline in his life. Maybe the kid needs attention? Maybe he doesn’t like having to watch his mom make out with dudes in public? Who can say?  Somebody needs to do something though. What do you think?



  1. Jen says:

    What? You mean people have feelings and I’m sorry has a meaning?

  2. Jeremy Crews says:

    I agree with you. At times, I try to keep my thoughts about parenting to myself, since I don’t have any kids of my own; no experience, no room to talk sorta deal, you know? When comes to some things, though, common sense is common sense. I may not have kids, but I’ve been around enough of my little cousins, etc. to honestly say that I would never have tolerated this kind of behavior.

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